The Dharma Wheel

The Dharma Wheel

Around the globe, is one of the oldest of . In Sanskrit, Wheel is also called as Dharma . The cross is used to represents or a Star of David represents Judaism as same way the Dharma Chakra is used to represent the Buddhism. Dharma Chakra is also one of the .

Before the introduction of Buddha images, the wheel was a common symbol in early art. In those days, the Dharmachakra symbolized not only the Buddha’s teachings but the Buddha himself.In the , there is the Pillar built by Emperor Ashoka, where four carved lions and four-wheel face four direction to proclaim the Buddhism throughout the world.

Today, in every Buddhist culture there is the appearance of Dharmachakra as the art. On images of the Buddha, the wheel appears on the palms of his hand and the soles of his feet, where it is one of the 32 Marks of an outstanding Man. It is one of the Eight which is especially prominent in Tibet.

The dharma wheel has eight spokes and those spokes represent . There are three components of the wheel. They are a hub, spokes, and rim. They symbolize the three aspects of the upon integrities, wisdom, and attentiveness. The central hub represents ethical discipline, which centers and stabilizes the mind. The sharp spokes represent wisdom or discriminating awareness, which cuts through . The rim represents meditative concentration, which both encompasses and facilitates the motion of the wheel.

A wheel with a thousand spokes, which emanate like the rays of the sun, represents the thousand activities and teachings of the Buddhas. A wheel with eight spokes symbolizes the Buddha’s Eightfold Noble Path, and the transmission of these teachings towards the eight directions.

When four swirls are depicted they usually correspond to the four directions and elements and symbolize the Buddha’s teachings upon the . The rim of the wheel may be depicted as a simple circular ring, often with small circular gold embellishments extending towards the eight directions.

Use of Dharma Wheel

The wheel is usually central to , geometric representations of the Buddhist . It also appears in the Dharmachakra Mudra, in which the Buddha forms a wheel with the position of his hands.

Dharma Wheel as Tattoo

The Dharma wheel is usually central to mandalas which gives geometric representations of the Buddhist universe. It also appears in the Dharmachakra Mudra, in which the Buddha forms a wheel with the position of his hands. Today there is the fashion of . As they called it as healing process tattoo. This design came from the idea of Dharma Wheel. Dharma Wheel is being popular to tattoo because of its a good balance to the tattoo.

The Wheel has eight spokes representing the to enlightenment. These are the Right view, , , , , , , and .

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