Bajrayogini statue in Bajrayogini Temple, Sankhu, Kathmandu

Bajrayogini, The God and The Temple

is an eldest goddess. The have three . In one form her head is absent and carries it in her hand. In another form, her head is intact. The former form is similar in appearance to the goddesses . She is always attended by two on either side of her. Appearing in yellow color, she carries her own head in her left hand and Katari in her right hand. the right leg and bending down the left leg, she appears to be nude.

In red color form, she is surrounded on all sides by the terrible burning . Appearing nude, she has three red eyes, round contorted brows, protruding belly and tongue and stands high in Alidha attitude. Carrying Kapla in left hand and in the right hand, hanging Khatwanga from her left shoulder this form is very similar to Nairatma and Vajravarahi.

Bajrayogini Temple, Sankhu, Kathmandu

is a popular Tantrik situated in Valley. Located in Sankhu in Gun Bihar area one can easily reach the temple easily by a local bus or a taxi. The temple of Bajrayogini situated 20 km North-east of the Kathmandu is easily reachable via a local bus or a taxi.  The temple was constructed during the period of Mandeva and again renovated during the rule of Pratap .

There is a book written in the Newari script about the chronological development of Bajrayogini kept in the library of Denmark.

In the temple of Bajrayogini, she is a Red Bajrayogini having three eyes. Around the area, there are nine caves that refer to the stone age. One of the caves consists of two rooms. The priest, the intense lover of the goddess goes into the cave for penance. The famous festival Bajrayogini Fair is celebrated in ChaitePurnima, that lies in March or April of the Gregorian calendar.

Bajrayogini Temple is the proof that existed in from around the start of the first century AD.

Like many other monuments, the of 2o17 did damage to Bajrayogini too. The temple is marked as unsafe by engineers.


Bajrayogini Temple, Sankhu, Kathmandu

Bajrayogini Temple, Sankhu, Kathmandu

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