Dhanusha the bow of Lord Shiva

Dhanusha also called or Dhanush is the bow of Lord Shiva. It is generally carried in the left hand. Lord Shiva uses Dhanusha for the destruction of the “.”

There is an epic story behind the Dhanusa. As mentioned in Ramayana, Lord Vishwakarma (The principal architect of the ) crafted two divine Dhanush. The first one was named “” and was given to  Lord . The second one was named “Pinaka” and was given to Lord Shiva. Later on, this Pinaka was passed from Shiva to Janak and finally to .

The two big wars Ramayana and the Mahavarata used Dhanusa as a weaponry . These Dhanush were highly sophisticated bows capable of raining and both.

“Gandiva”, the bow of Arjun, the great warrior of Mahabharat war, was also one of the rarest bows of its .

The “Pinaka” was broken by Ayodhya‘s Prince  as he was trying to string the bow, during the swayamvara of , and hence won princess’s hand in the marriage.

He didn’t break Pinaka for insulting Shiva. The breaking of Dhanush has following significance.

1) can only remain stationary near Vishnu. So Sita can only be the consort of Ram.

2)To break the egos of arrogant who were also tormenting the people like Rakshasas.

3)Ravan was informed that there is a more powerful person than him on the .

What happened to the Pinaka after Lord Ram broke it?

Like Bajra and Ghanta, symbolize the complementary of method and .

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