Amoghasiddhi Buddha Statue


Amoghasiddhi Buddha Statue


Amoghasiddhi Buddha Statue

Weight 2500 grams
Size 20 x 20cm
Material brass

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Weight 2,5 kg


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All about Guhyasamaja Tantra

Guhyasamja is one of 's most fascinating, difficult, and essential personalities. It combines various important , into one sculpture. It is predominantly is call Akshobhayavajara which is the form of Akshobhaya buddha. Guhyasamja is the foremost meditational deity of the Method-father class of . Guhyasamaja has two main traditions, the Arya () Lineage, and the (Jnanapada) Lineage. There are three principal iconographic of Guhyasamaja; Akshobhyavajra (blue), (orange), .