Highest Price Mandala – Rakta Yamari worth $45 million

There has been a record that a was sold for $45 million. The is the artwork from .

How much was the sold?

In the year 2014, there was an auction held in for the and different other artworks. The tapestry was sold to a Shanghai tycoon for $45 million (HK$348 million) at auction in Hong Kong.

when seen from a distance the thangka is a shade of red and gold colour. As mentioned by auction house, the thangka was bought by Liu Yiqian for displaying at his new in Shanghai.

According to press release record,  Liu Yiqian had said:

“I am proud to bring back to China this significant and historic 15th-century thangka which will be preserved in the Long museum for years to come.”

– meditational deity

In , Rakta is a deity and is believed to be the fierce form of the   or . Yamari deities exist in two : red (Rakta) and black (.)

How was Rakta Yamari designed?

The tapestry is believed to be created during the Ming dynasty between 1402 and 1424. It is already the rarest one as it is one of a set of three thangkas from the in the capital .

When seen from the distance, the thangka looks like a mandala . Not to get confused that it is not an artwork of brush but it is made out of fine stitches of floss . The piece measures 132 x 84 inches.

What does red colour represent? It symbolizes the to overcome all and misery. After overcoming only one can reach to the fully state. The weapon of Yamari controls the different form of .

Rakta Yamari is usually seen holding a cup in his left hand. The cup is believed to be made from ’s skull and contains the  of the four maras transformed.

If you closely look at the Rakta Yamari, he has three round eyes, each one with a particular meaning:

first eye: expressing compassing for all beings in past

second eye: expressing for beings in the present

: expressing compassion for beings in past

and represents the three watches of day and three watches of the night.

The orange and red hair is to portray the fact that Rakta Mari encompasses the more characteristics of  and the aspects of the Five Paths.

Rakta Yamari transforms five poisons into five pearls of  through the crown of five dry skulls.

The necklace of fifty fresh heads meaning vowels and consonants of the language.

Rakta Yamari is surrounded by different deities like  , Manjusri, , and and seven .

What is artwork all about?

Thus the artwork of Rakta Yamari is to get over the waves of sadness and unhappiness in the materialistic world. The tapestry represents ‘Red Killer of Death.’

Symbolically meaning that one can only be enlightened after the series of sufferings.





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