Therapeutic singing bowl

Therapeutic singing bowl


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The therapeutic singing bowl is handmade Bronze singing bowl made by the process of hand Hammering.

This singing bowl can be used for Meditation, sound therapy, Healing therapy, and chakra awakening.

Weight 1632 grams
Size 25 x 10cm
Material Bronze

7 Metals with Planetary Associations

The seven metals and their planetary associations are
  1. Gold (Sun)
  2. Silver (Moon)
  3. Copper (Venus)
  4. Iron (Mars)
  5. Tin (Jupiter)
  6. Mercury/Quicksilver (Mercury)
  7. Lead (Saturn)

We manufacture and specialize in singing bowls or handmade beaten singing bowls, which are also known as bells, dorjes, hammered gongs tingshas, shambles & various metal crafts from Nepal.

Our expertise is in hand-hammered (beaten) sing bowls. Along with our other line of products, we are also the wholesaler of such Nepalese handicrafts.


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