Ratnasambhava Buddha Statue with Painted Face

Ratnasambhava Buddha Statue with Painted Face


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Ratnasambhava Buddha Statue is handmade by the skillful hands of Nepali craftsmen from Patan with painted face with gold.

For a Buddhist practitioner, this is a very important feature to have in their idol of worship as before Consecrating the statue it always recommended by the teacher and lamas to have the eyes of the statue opened.

Painting face of the statue is also referred Opening Eye in our commonly used language.

Weight 1200 grams
Size 21 x 15 x 9cm
Material copper

Finishing of Ratnasambhava Buddha Statue

This is a full fire Gilded statue with the gold-painted face. The gold Gilding is done by the ancient process of gold plating, where a ground mixture of Gold, Mercury and Glass is applied to the body of the statue, which then is heated, burning off the mercury and leaving back a rich permanent plating of gold.

Brief Introduction of Ratnasambhava Buddha

Ratnasambhava is one of five Tathagatas symbolizing the wisdom of equality (Skt. Samatajnana). According to the commentary of Namasangiti, the author Ravisri says;

All the phenomena are devoid of essence, lacks true inherent existence and hence are dreamlike or illusion or is empty.

Thus the knowledge of essencelessness of persons and the phenomena is the wisdom of equality: Buddha Ratnasambhava is the personification of this wisdom in Vajrayana Buddhism.

In the extant literature, he has rarely described his vows, aspirations, and activity. He is usually called the Buddha born from jewel. a Sambhava Buddhas body, one’s desire would be fulfilled.

Ratnasambhava Buddha Mantra

Om ratnasambhava tram




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