Statue of Ratnasambhava

Statue of Ratnasambhava


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This statue of Ratnasambhava Buddha has been made by the process of sand casting in Patan Nepal.

Weight 2740 grams
Size 23 x 9.5 x 16 cm
Material brass

Finishing of Ratnasambhava Buddha Statue

This Ratnasambhava Buddha Statue has been processed in Antique patina.

This is not to be misunderstood as an antique statue.

Only the patina of the statue has been treated in a way to make it look like an antique.

This is an undisclosed process where the Ratnasambhava Buddha statue goes through multiple Aging processes to get the result as shown on the picture.

Brief Introduction of Ratnasambhava Buddha

Ratnasambhava is one of five Tathagatas symbolizing the wisdom of equality (Skt. Samatajnana). According to the commentary of Namasangiti, the author Ravisri says;

All the phenomena are devoid of essence, lacks true inherent existence and hence are dreamlike or illusion or is empty.

Thus the knowledge of essencelessness of persons and the phenomena is the wisdom of equality: Buddha Ratnasambhava is the personification of this wisdom in Vajrayana Buddhism.

In the extant literature, he has rarely described his vows, aspirations, and activity. He is usually called the Buddha born from jewel. a Sambhava Buddhas body, one’s desire would be fulfilled.

Ratnasambhava Buddha Mantra

Om ratnasambhava tram



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