Framing Your Thangka with Brocade

We offer our clients the option of purchasing a mounted in the brocaded way or, for those who wish a frame of their own choosing, unmounted/unframed .

The fabric protects the edges of the Thangka, and also makes it easier to hang. A thin silk cover protects the when rolled, and may be gathered up to display the painting when hung on the wall. It is generally thought that silk renders a Thangka more attractive and more .

Framing with brocade

Khadi Brocade Frame

The finished painting is sewn within a Brocade frame and finished with ribbons and silk to protect the image. The of is now recognizable as a Thangka!

Silk brocading is a process decorating a Thangka in traditional style.

The frame is made of beautiful silk fabric having rich colors pigment and patterns.

Traditional History of Thangka framing

The technique of silk brocading was first developed around the 9th century AD as a way to protect during transport across the treacherous mountains.

The traditional brocaded mount consists of a narrow band of red surrounded by another narrow band of yellow, which in turn is sewn to a larger frame of semi-rectangular brocade, slightly widened at the base.

The mount is then attached to two wooden rods to keep it taut, with metal knobs on the ends of the lower rods.

The traditional belief of framing Thangka with Brocade

These beautiful, pieces of art carry with them the energy of the tradition, the deities, and the . Traditionally, a cloth covering is used to contain the painting’s energy as well as to protect the thangka when it is not in use.

When the thangka is being used or displayed, the cloth is drawn up to form a drape resembling a flower. Stitched to either side of the cloth hang two decorative red streamers.

The best care needed for glassed framed Thangka

You should select a thangka that will need a frame, consider the following tips for best care:

  • Use acid-free
  • Have a spacer to keep the painting off the glass
  • Be sure that the painting is free in the frame (not glued)
  • Non-reflecting glass offers ideal view and protection
  • UV glass protects the painting from ultraviolet rays if it will be near strong sunlight

Chinese Silk Brocade

We do have different types of silk brocade. some sample is listed below:

If you like one of the patterns shown above, please let us know when you place your order. Due to some reason we will be unable to provide same brocade we will provide you the similar brocade that is available.

There are thousand of different patterns and many different colors available, we will find the perfect match for your beautiful .

Khadi Brocade

The Khadi Brocades are hand weaved from the artisan in .

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