Manjushri Karma Gardri Thangka

Manjushri Karma Gardri Thangka


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Manjushri Karma Gardri Thangka is handpainted on cotton Canvas using mineral mixed color in Karma Gardri style.

Manjushree is a Bodhisattva who wields the enlightenment’s fiery sword [Skt. Khadga] in his left hand in a warning (Tarjani) hand gesture (Mudra) indicating his realization of wisdom to cut through ignorance and incorrect views.

His right hand (Jnana Mudra) is seen holding the stem of a Blue Lotus (Utpala) flower, on which the Book (Pustaka) of Perfection of Transcendental Wisdom is resting.

The blue lotus is a symbol of the spirit’s conquest over the senses and represents knowledge’s wisdom. This is the lotus he obtained from the center of a lake in the Kathmandu Valley, from which a lotus sporting a Blue Flame, which denotes wisdom, blossomed. Manjushree is seated on a moon disc.

Weight 100 Grams
Size 56 x 82cm
Material Cotton Canvas And Mineral Colors


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