Statue Consecration and Filling

Statue Consecration and Filling


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We are pleased to provide Statues Filling and consecration service as per your request.  This process is known as Buddhabhiseka.

When you purchase a statue it is just a piece of metal or an empty shell in order to give life to it consecration and fillings is done. This process is carried by senior Lama in a monastery in an auspicious day. These are the great blessings of the enlightened body, enlightened speech, and the enlightened mind.

Buddha Abhiseka in other Language

  • kaiyan (開眼; ‘opening the eyes’)
  • kaiguang (開光; ‘opening the light’)
  • dianyan (點眼; ‘dotting the eyes’) and their derivative forms are used in the Chinese
  • Korean (where is it known as jeom-an or 점안)
  • Japanese (where it is known as kaigen)
  • Vietnamese languages (where it is known as khai quang điểm nhãn),
  • Burmese: ဗုဒ္ဓါဘိသေက
  • Khmer: ពុទ្ធាភិសេក
  • Thai: พุทธาภิเษก

Giving Life to the Statue

Body – filling and consecration enlighten the statue body and it is no longer just a metal shell. Speech – the mantras put inside the statue provide an enlightened speech. Mind – the enlightened speech will transform the mind of the practitioner with positive energy.

Steps Involved in Statue Filling and Consecration

There are several steps involved in statue filling and consecration which are listed below:

  1. Gathering the materials to fill the statue
  2. Preparing the mantras on paper to fill the statue
  3. Preparing the rituals to bless the mantras and the materials
  4. Cleaning the holy objects
  5. Fill the statue
  6. Open the eye os the statue
  7. Perform the final consecration

When my statue can be consecrated and filled?

The Lama will wait until an auspicious day. After that, the ceremony can proceed. The statue is cleaned, both inside and out, and purified with perfume and incense.



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