Traditional Jambati Antique Bowl
Traditional Jambati Antique Bowl

Traditional Jambati Antique Bowl



Traditional Jambati Antique Bowl is crafted using traditional hand hammering techniques and has an antique finishing.

Himalayan bowls are used for yoga, music therapy, sound healing, and religious ceremonies. Singing bowls are played to signal the beginning and end of silent meditation cycles in the Buddhist tradition. Tibetan bowls produce very pure tones that are similar to sine waves. For our ears, their sound is synonymous with purity.

Weight 1340 gm 1.34 kg – 2.95 lbs
Size Height 10 cm (4″) Width 23 cm (9″) Depth 23 cm (9″)
Material Seven Bronze Metal

Accessories and Sound Check

A felt hitting mallet and cushion will be included in the package. If you want to be certain about the sound of the bowls you are buying, please ask us for Sound Check Request of the Singing Bowls.


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