Miniature Statue of Vajrakilaya


Vajrakilaya Statue is made in Nepal by statue artists.  The weight of this statue is 0.414 kg and the dimension is 12 x 10 x 7cm.

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The Miniature Statue of Vajrakilaya is full gold plated and has been finished in full electro gold plating. Mr. Suman Shakya, a skilled artisan and plating expert, assisted in gold plating.

This statue of Vajrakilaya is made by the Ceramic Mold Casting Process, often called ceramic molding.

Aside from the mold-making process, this statue is entirely hand-finished in Patan, Nepal whose weight is 0.414 kg and the dimension is 12 x 10 x 7cm.

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Weight 0,414 kg
Dimensions 10 × 12 cm


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What is Full Electro Gold Plating?

Full Electro Gold Plating is a more modern and healthier method of gold plating in which an electric current is passed between two metals. In comparison to typical fire gold plating, this type of gold plating is quite affordable. Gold plating, yet because of technological advancements, the difference in gold plating quality between the two is narrowing. The statue is first coated with silver, and then with gold, in this process.
Ceramic Mold Casting is a new approach to our conventional way of casting statues using the Loss Wax System or the Rubber Molding System. It is also called ceramic molding, which refers to a series of metal casting procedures that use ceramics as the mold material. It's a hybrid of investment casting and plaster mold casting. The Shaw technique and the Unicast process are two types of ceramic mold casting.

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