Kalachakra Shakti

Kalachakra Shakti Thangka Painting

Kalachakra is the main deity of Sambara. Kalachakra means the ‘Wheel of Time’ & offers tools to help you free yourself from cyclical existence [Skt. Samsara].

Samsara refers to patterns of behavior such as habits & preconceived ideas concerning the nature of reality. Each of the tools held by the deity provides a specific solution.

The sum of all of Kalachakra’s attributes can lead you to pure consciousness beyond the normal conception of space & time.

Kalachakra has four heads, 24 arms & 2 legs. A principle head is blue, with a blue upper body & four blue left & four right arms. His two principle arms embrace Kalachakri.

Additionally a left redhead, four red left, four right arms & a red left leg a white right-facing head, four white right arms & a white right leg. Kalachakra is an emanation of blue Akshobhya [Skt.] [Eng. unshakable which is why Kalachakra is predominately blue.

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