How to Buy a Mandala?

Few Before Buying

Before buying a , one must have a brief of:

How must a mandala be?

What are the key characteristics and components of a mandala?

What are the different types of mandala and significance of each one of them?

What is your purpose for buying mandala?

Firstly, getting familiar with the different used in the are important. There is a different kind of mandala available on the market. You cannot choose a random one as your purpose of using mandala might not match with the one you bought.

Deciding on the purpose

These kind of mandala are eye-catching to the viewers as they are circular and floral in design. On top of that, they are painted with bright colours like red, blue, purple, yellow, green which is striking to the eye. Different kinds of Mandala Paintings are also used for decorative purposes and are hanged on the walls of the hotels, .

If you are planning to buy a mandala for and purpose buy the one with circular focal points and symmetrical pattern. The example of such mandalas can be a , , and others. They contain a simple set of colours like blue and white for concentric patterns, or are written in golden colour.

Mandalas for includes the painting showing the position of seven different in our . Some include the position of in the circular frame.

Some people buy mandala for a purpose. These kinds of mandala include and that acts as saviour purpose. , for praying purpose. for praying and attracting more .

Some mandalas portray our existence and nature. and shows a transformation of a human being form normal to the state. Gazing upon these mandalas helps us realize about our own existence and the purpose of life.

Deciding on

This comes on the top priority. You need to set up the budget. The cost of a mandala might depend on the size and the of the painting. The more the quality the higher the price.

Deciding on Size

This thing totally depends on your purpose. It is recommended to buy sized (30cm * 30cm) if you are using for meditation. For decoration in the big hall, one might buy big mandala (5ft * 5ft). There are also Mandalas framed in around the border. Thus you can decide the size according to the requirement and purpose.

Deciding on Quality

Mandalas are generally of three qualities depending on the skills and the colours used:

  • Students
  • Intermediate/Professionals

The quality of mandalas made by students is of lower quality and hence cheapest. They are beginner level mandala painters and also use simple colours to paint the mandala.

The mandala painted by the professionals are of intermediate level. The lines and shapes are fine but the colours used are not of high quality.

The mandala painted by the masters is the finest one. Each shape is drawn in finest pattern and the colours are of high quality. On top of that, they use gold and silver coatings which make mandala really bright and eye-catching.

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