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The Manjushri Mantra Banner


is the embodying the wisdom and transcendent knowledge of all buddhas and bodhisattvas. He is golden orange in color and holds the flaming sword of wisdom in his right hand and in his left the stem of a lotus flower upon which rests a volume of the Perfection of Wisdom sutras. He symbolizes the clear, unobstructed nature of omniscient mind, cutting through all with a perfection of all Wisdom.

  • OM  is considered to be the essence of the five pearls of wisdom, but it can also be reflective of an awareness of the surrounding . It is used at the start of many mantras and should be considered to mean “My mind and heart are open to the truths that follow.”
  • A leads to the insight that the essence of all things is unproduced.
  • RA leads to the insight that all things are pure and free of defilements.
  • PA leads to the insight that all have been “expounded in the ultimate sense.”
  • ZA leads to the insight that the arising and ceasing of things cannot be apprehended because in reality there is no arising or ceasing.
  • NA leads to the insight that although the names for things change the nature of things behind their names cannot be gained or lost.
  • DHI is often defined with the meaning of “prayer” or “understanding” or “reflection.”

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