Samantabhadra Statues

Samantabhadra Statue Double Color Oxidizexd

This category contains all kinds of Samantabhadra statues which are handmade in Patan Nepal.

Samantabhadra is a great Bodhisattva one of the principal Bodhisattvas, the other being Manjushri; they are two subordinates of the Tathagata (or Dhyani Buddha) Vairochana, and known as the Triple Saints of the Avatmasaka Sutra.

Samanta means general or universal; Bhadra means sage; and SamantaBhadra, which is derived from these words, means the principle of universal love or compassion. Samantabhadra is also known as the Bodhisattva of Great Activity.

Samantabhadra is also known as the Universally worthy Bodhisattva, is one of Three Venerables of the Lord Buddha Shakyamuni.

He is always on the right side of the Buddha Shakyamuni, representing the guardian of the law, the lord of the law and the practice of all Buddhas.

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