Dragon Mandala

Dragon Mandala


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The DragonMandala is handpainted by in Kathmandu, Nepal by Ratna Kumar Lama. Dragon is in the sky with a symbol of compassion that awakens us from delusion and increases what we can know through hearing.

Dragons have the power of complete communication. Just as we do not see sound, we do not see dragons at least not usually. Displaying a dragon banner is said to protect one from slander and enhances one’s reputation. Associations: main quality is power, dominance over the sea, and the water element.

Dragons have been part of the culture for at least 7,000 years. Dragons have long symbolized power, creativity, heaven, and good fortune. They are thought to have authority over bodies of water, rain, floods, and storms.

In time, Buddhist artists adopted the dragon as a symbol of enlightenment. Today dragons decorate roofs and gates of temples, both as guardians and to symbolize the dragon’s power of clarity. Buddhist dragons often are depicted holding a mani jewel, which represents the Buddha’s teaching.


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