Green Tara - Thangka for Compassion

Green Tara – Thangka for Compassion

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Green Tara is the most popular form of the Taras, also known as Arya Tara or Vasya Tara. She is the consort of Amogasiddhi. Her color Green is that of the active Enlightenment of Feminine Compassion and indicates that the Tara is always willing and ready to help the needy that prays her with the rapidity of wind. For this reason, she is also called the Prompt.

Her left leg crossed represents her serene force even during intense disturbances. Her right leg, half opened shows her willingness and readiness to go help living beings. Her left hand is in the mudra of Protection. Her thumb and index together represent the union of wisdom and energy.

The three other fingers represent the three Joys: The Buddha, Dharma, and Sanga. Her right hand in the mudra of giving, signifying that she accords all ordinary accomplishment and sublime accomplishments.

She holds a lotus and it symbolizes that all qualities of Realization that are present in her. An attribute that is often found on deities that transcend compassion a quality that is essential to accepting the Buddhist philosophy.


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