Green Tara Traditional Thangka Painting

Green Tara Traditional Thangka Painting


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This Green Tara Traditional Thangka Painting is an artisanal work of art that has been crafted by hand in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Weight 100 Grams
Size 46*61 cm
Material Cotton Canvas & Mixed Color

Iconography of Green tara

The painting depicts Green Tara in the center, seated atop a white moon disk connected to the nectar of the naval chakra. This symbolizes the wisdom aspect of Buddhism, and when combined with compassion, it leads to the enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha. Her right hand is gracefully lowered in Varda mudra, a gesture that symbolizes granting wishes. She holds a Utpala flower, or ‘night lotus’, in both hands. The word Utpala implies ‘bursting open’. Her left hand holds a stem with an open blossom and an unopened bud. The curved lower part of the stem represents the root.

The open flower symbolizes the current moment and the existing Buddha; the bud symbolizes the future and Buddhas yet to come. This also implies a secure destination and a prosperous future. Her right hand is in the gesture of offering protection.ting the union of wisdom and compassion, and the three extended fingers symbolize the Three Jewels of Buddhism which are The Buddha State, The Body of teachings, The Principles of the Universe.

Green Tara is often portrayed in the divine realm of Khadiravani, with a closed flower in her right hand to represent the Buddhas of the past and a stem of a blue lotus in her left hand symbolizing her readiness to assist.

Khadiravani is depicted as a magnificent mountain kingdom, abundant with trees, flowers, and animals with vibrant rainbow tails radiating from its outer aura. The crescent moon and sun signify the unity of males and females commonly seen in Tantric art.

Mantra of Green Tara

The mantra of Green Tara is om tare tuttare ture soha.


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