Atiśa Thangka Painting from Mid 12th century

This of is from the early to mid-12th century and features extensive inscriptions on the reverse side.

was the abbot of in northern , one of the maha viharas that granted the learned degree of Pandita, here indicated by his yellow hat.

In 1042, he traveled to at the invitation of the western ‘Od to help purify practices there.

Atisha’s authority was rooted in his lineage, an unbroken chain of pupil- relationships going back to the himself.

This portrait of Atisha, among the oldest preserved, shows him as an being with golden and a halo, seated on an elaborate jeweled .

His right hand is held in the gesture and he holds a bound palm-leaf manuscript in his left. The can be dated from a contemporary inscription on the reverse naming is known historical figures.

Learn the life of Atiśa Dīpaṃkara Śrījñāna

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