Vajravarahi Statue from Nepal


Vajravarahi Statue


Vajravarahi Statue from Nepal is handmade in Tibetan style by fine metal crafters living in Patan Nepal. Vajravarahi also is known as Dorje Phagmo in Tibetan is the root of all the emanation of Dakinis.

The Weight of the statue is 48 kg and the size of this statue is 115x74x34cm. The material used to make this statue is Copper.


Vajravarahi is a representation of complete Buddhahood in female form, whose practices are associated with the Chakrasamvara Cycle of Anuttarayoga Tantra.

Although her practice exists in all schools of Tibetan Buddhism, she is particularly associated with the Kagyu tradition and has appeared to and bestowed initiations on some Mahasiddhas over the years.

Making offerings to her image makes a connection with this extremely potent Buddha and seeing her plant seeds of enlightenment in our mindstream.

Her image pacifies our immediate environment, clears negative energy, and protects us from negative interferences.

Gestures and Attributes of Dorje Phagmo

Vajravarahi holds a cemetery knife in her right hand and a skull cup in her left. In the crook of her left elbow is a khatvanga staff and her two legs are in a celestial dancing posture on a human corpse.

She is often depicted with a sow’s head on the side of her own, symbolic of the triumph of dharma over ignorance.

Iconography of Dorje Phagmo

Vajravarahi is depicted in red color with a wrathful expression, Vajravarahi has one face, two arms, and three eyes with a small pig’s head in her hair. She holds a cemetery knife in her right hand and a skull cup in her left.

In the crook of her left elbow is a khatvanga staff and her two legs are in a celestial dancing posture on a human corpse. She is often depicted with a sow’s head on the side of her own, symbolic of the triumph of dharma over ignorance.

Vajravarahi Mantra

The Vajravarahi mantra is Om vajravarahi avesaya sarvadustan hrim svaha.

Additional information

Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 115 × 74 × 34 cm


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