Vajravarahi Yogini Tibetan Thangka

Vajravarahi Yogini Tibetan Thangka


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Vajravarahi Yogini Tibetan Thangka is hand painted in Nepal. Vajravarahi is a Sanskrit compound word meaning Vajra Sow [Tib. Dorje Pakmo].

A sow is a female pig [boar]. Painted arising from her up sprung hair this allegorically represents her subjugation of ignorance. In Buddhist art, the pig [Boar] denotes ignorance, the snake – hatred & the Cockerel – greed. She is the red colored tantric Dakini emanation of Transcendent Buddha Vairochana not be confused with blue.

Nairatma who is an emanation of Akshobhya or red Vajrayogini who is painted standing on two figures with less iconography. She is a very important figure because Vairochana the great illuminator is the head figure in the Transcendent Buddha group around whom the other. Vairochana represents the possibility of Great illumination or [Enlightenment].


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