Lokeshwor Thangka Painting

Lokeshwor Thangka Painting

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Avalokiteswara is the root form of the Bodhisattva commonly known as Lokeshwor in Nepal and India, Kuanyin in China and Kannon in Japan is one of the 108 forms of lokeshwor.

This painting is beautifully hand painted by the professional artist living in Bhaktapur Nepal with very small detailed information.

The legend says that Avalokitesvara assumed this form during his attempt to help the human beings.

Avalokiteswara is the god of compassion and mercy.  Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion sits on a lotus throne upon a lunar disc.

He is the principal patron deity of Tibet.  This god takes many forms, such as the Dalai Lamas of Tibet, to bring salvation to the living beings of the world.


In this painting, he has a thousand arms and is white in color. His upper hands hold prayer beads and a lotus; the lower ones, poised in a hand gesture of prayer, clasp the wish-fulfilling jewel at his heart.

This jewel embodies the bodhicitta the altruistic aspiration to attain the highest Enlightenment in order to thereby save all beings from misery and establish them in perfect happiness.




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