Avalokitesvara and its forms

Among the 108 of Lokeswara Avalokitesvara is one who refuses to accept since he considers such acceptance is selfish in view of the of the great majority of the people who have not yet attained the stage. His sacrifice symbolizes infinite (Karuna), sharing of mankind’s misery, willingness to help those in distress. He holds in his hand the indestructible jewel. He is and protector from danger. So his ” is found inscribed on rocks, loose stones, , etc.

Avalokitesvara is the who carry the compassion of all . Depending upon the Avalokitesvara is portrayed either in male form or a  female form.

In , Avalokitesvara is a female figure called . In Cambodia, he appears as in he is called or Kannon. In , people often call him the of .

Avalokitesvara has six different forms in the tradition. Great compassion, great loving-, lion-, universal light, the leader amongst and men, and the great omnipresent .  

In , Avalokitesvara is found in different of . The other name given to is an aspect of Avalokitesvara who is worshiped by both and . The Seto Machindranath temple is situated in the street of Kathmandu between Oson and Chowk.  

Story behind Seto Machindranath

During the rule of in the Kantipur kingdom, people used to take bathe in the holy river and visit . Doing so would take them to heaven after death. After knowing this power of Swayambhunath, () visited the temple. While Yamraj was returning from the temple, he was captured by King Yaksha Malla and his and demanded immortality and won’t let Yamraj free. So Yamraj prayed to Arya (Seto Machindranath) to free him.

In the month of Poush every year, this deity is bathed and repainted. The living goddess also attends this event. Trishna , 3-year-old girl is the newly appointed Kumari after the Ex-Kumari  Matina entered her puberty.

There is a popular festival called celebrated during Chaitra Shukla Ashtami.  At first, Machindranath is carried up to Jamal Tindhara in a small chariot and then moved to a bigger chariot, which is then pulled around the different areas of Kathmandu including Asan, , Jaisideval, and Lagan.

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