All about Buddhist Tattoo – Symbols and Meaning

is the representations of , , and deities. In the present context, lover to have a tattoo of , , Zambala, eight spokes, , , and so on.

are meant to replicate the of this great and mentor. The are not necessarily preferred by only the followers of , but a large number of people who believe in the ultimate truth of life, that one needs to overcome all and temptations of life to reach the stage of salvation or .

Famous Buddhist Symbols meaning and use in Tattoo World

The very famous eight are commonly known as the Parasol, two Golden Fish, , of Victory, Vase, , and Eternal Knot.

In the tradition, these eight of represent the presented by the great to upon his attainment of .

was the first of these to appear before the Buddha, and he presented a thousand-spoked as a for the Buddha to teach through ‘turning of the ’.

The great sky appeared next, and he presented his mighty white conch-shell horn as a symbolic request for the Buddha to ‘proclaim the truth of the dharma’.

The parasol Meaning and Tattoo

is a Buddhist symbol of both protection and royalty. It is believed that it will protect from negative powers but also to enjoy a fresh .

Two Golden Fish Meaning and Tattoo

symbol is one of the . It consists of two fishes, which usually appear standing vertically with heads turned inwards towards each other.

The two golden fish and Yamuna, to swim free and cross the ocean of problems.

The Conch Shell Meaning and Tattoo

shell has survived as the original horn trumpet since immemorial. The right turning conch represents the with the sound of Dharma teachings.

absorbed the conch as a symbol which fearlessly proclaimed the truth of the dharma.

In addition to Buddha’s throat, the conch also appears as an auspicious mark on the soles, palms, limbs, breast or forehead of a divinely endowed being.

The Lotus Flower Meaning and Tattoo

flower represents the of , , and .

In Buddhist , the lotus is often depicted with 8 petals symbolizing , a core tenet of the Buddhist .

The lotus flower to indicate that there’s beauty in every horrible place. The best lotus flower can grow in the dirtiest mud!


The Victory banner meaning and Tattoo

signifies Buddha’s enlightenment through his conquering of passion, pride, lust, and the of death.

These four pitfalls are known as the ‘four ’, and are considered by Buddhists to be the hindrances we face on our spiritual journey. Liberation, or the state of nirvana, can only be realized when the battle over the four maras is won.

The victory banner reminds of when Buddha won the battle to Mara who stands for the sins.


The Vase Meaning and Tattoo

– known also as the ‘ vase’ – and ‘vase of inexhaustible treasure’ – became the Buddhist symbol of spiritual abundance.

As one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism, it represents not only the wealth of Buddha’s teaching but his never-diminishing generosity and . Legend attributes to it a special , that of always remaining full despite much being taken from it.

The pot to fill it after illumination with positive stuff only.

The Dharma Wheel meaning and Tattoo

The , represents the eightfold path. It is the most popular and one of the richest Buddhist symbols that appear in blackwork tattoos.

The Endless Knot Meaning and Tattoo

The is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols in Buddhism, and one of the most popular symbols in .

Also referred to as the ‘Mystic Dragon’, it symbolizes the infinite and compassion of the Buddha for all sentient beings.

The endless knot to show the interconnection and rebirth of everything in life.

Yantra tattooing

Yantra tattooing is a form of tattooing originally introduced by Khmer people of the Khmer Empire which influenced much of its in the region during its reign.

It consists of geometrical, animal and deity accompanied by Pali phrases that offer power, protection, fortune, charisma and other benefits for the bearer.

These days, it remains popular in Cambodia, Thailand, and also in Laos and Myanmar (Burma). Sak means tattoo in Thai and Khmer, while yan and yoan are the Thai and Khmer pronunciation for the word respectively, a type of mystical diagram used in Dharmic religions.


Buddhist tattoo and meaning

Buddhism is one of the largest religion in the world which attracts millions of followers and have a great influence over the millions of people.

Buddhist tattoo gives positive value to life.

The Buddhist tattoos can be directly linked to the origins of this religion and although Buddha himself discouraged any form of symbols in the religion they still came to be.

The symbol represents the path to enlightenment in the Buddhist culture. The spirals are meant to symbolize the twists and turns in life, and the straight lines the moment one reaches enlightenment or and harmony. The dots at the end of the symbol represent death, or the moment we fade to nothing.

Buddhist Tattoo Art

Buddhist Tatto art is a special kind of art which was originated from southeast . The Buddhist Tattoo Art is believed to be something holy, magical and .

Buddhist Tattoo brings magic, sound , and good fortune in life.


Buddhist god tattoo

Buddhist god tattoo includes deities like;

Buddhist goddess tattoo

There are different Buddhist goddess whose tattoo is popular in young generation of tattoo lover. The list of the Buddhist goddess is all the manifestation of 21s Taras including , , etc.

, Vajrabarahi, etc are other famous female Buddhist goddess.

Buddhist tattoo good luck

It is believed that the tattoo of Buddha and other deities are symbols of good luck. Buddhism is followed by many people in the world apart from being a religion, Buddha and Buddhism have become one of the most popular subjects in tattooing.

This tattoo design shows Buddha and an Eastern dragon which signifies good fortune, fertility, and protector of life.

Buddhist Tattoos for Protection

There is Buddhist Tattoo that is the Sacred tattoo that is very famous in Thailand sits fine on the back of this believer.



Buddhist Geometric Tattoo

Buddhist Geometric tattoos come in many color palettes and designs. A geometric tattoo deals with several lines or geometric  that come together to form an even bigger shape. Geometric tattoos can come in the form of leaves, lines, stars, and a host of other patterns.


Buddhist Geometric Tattoo

Buddhist Tattoo for Girl

Buddhist tattoo for girl

Buddhist Ganesha Tattoo

Buddhist Green Tara Tattoo

Buddhist Elephant God Tattoo

Buddhist Tattoo In Chiang Mai

Buddhist Japanese Tattoo Design

Laughing Buddha Tattoo Design

Laughing Buddha is well known as the founder of good luck and abundance in one’s life.

Another interpretation of Buddha is the jovial-looking pot-bellied Buddha as known in the Chinese folklore.

He is Buddha of abundance and .

Laughing Buddha Tattoo

Types of Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is also known as “”. The five types of laughing Buddha are listed below:

  1. Laughing Buddha while raising both hands
  2. Laughing Buddha with a sack or bag
  3. Laughing Buddha with a fan
  4. Laughing Buddha sitting in
  5. Laughing Buddha sitting on the boat

Laughing Buddha while raising both hands Meaning and Tattoo

If anything is not going well then this tattoo of Laughing Buddha can bring good fortune and happiness in one’s life.

This design option is suitable for those who are looking for the light-hearted version of Buddha, rather than the spiritual one.

Laughing Buddha with a sack or bag Meaning and Tattoo

Laughing Buddha with the sack means he collects people’s sadness and woes and puts them in his sack. While another version of Buddha carrying sack is said to be lucky. It brings wealth and .

It is ideally done on the stomach, with its belly button corresponding with that of the bearer, creating an absolute visual delight.


Laughing Buddha with an object in hand Meaning and Tattoo

Laughing Buddha with fan symbolizes happiness and . It also eliminates all problems and sorrows.

One can also have the face tattoo of the laughing Buddha inked on the other parts of the body, such as the arm, shoulder, side, chest, leg or wrist.

Laughing Buddha sitting in meditation posture Meaning and Tattoo

If you are from an unstable health condition then keeping this Laughing Buddha in the house or Tattooing it will help to keep the mind.

Laughing Buddha sitting on the boat Meaning and Tattoo

This kind of Laughing Buddha will help to overcome all the obstacles.


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