Kshitigarbha Thangka Painting

Kshitigarbha Thangka Painting


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Kṣitigarbha Thangka Painting is handpainted in Nepal. Kshitigarbha is one of the son from 8 close sons of the Mahanayan Sangha in Nyingma Tree Lineage who is especially revered in China and Japan.

Having vowed not to achieve Buddhahood until all hells are emptied, his activity focuses more particularly on helping those who suffer in the hell realms.

He is often depicted as white in color, holding a staff in his right hand and a jewel that symbolizes wisdom in his left hand.

Kshitigarbha is yellow with a yellow upper garment, peaceful eyes, red at the sides, a headdress garland of blue flowers.

The right-hand holds fruit and the left a jewel above a lotus.


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