Tibetan Statue of Siddh Laxmi

Tibetan Statue of Siddh Laxmi


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Tibetan Statue of Siddh Laxmi is made with copper in Lalitpur Nepal. The weight of this statue is 8kg and the size is 50 x 30 x 12cm.

The material used to make this statue is copper. The Statue of Siddhi Laxmi is made by the process of the lost wax system. This is a very long and time-consuming process but the result we get is a worth the time and effort.

Weight 8000 grams
Size 50 x 30 x 12cm
Material copper

Finishing of Tibetan Statue of Siddh Laxmi

The whole body of this Siddhi Laxmi statue has been gilded with Gold by the ancient process of gold gilding using amalgam Gold.

This process of Gold gilding is known as Mercury Gold Gilding, Fire Gilding, or Fire gold plating.

Gold gilded by this process is very good for the copper statues, as the statue gilded by this process will retain the gold for a very long time.

Gold Gilded by this process is comparatively expensive to the modern electrochemical plating but due to its durability, it is still a preferred choice for many collectors and practitioners alike.

After the Gilding is completed the Siddhi Laxmi statue was sent to the sculpture aging artist to bring an antique feel or patina to the statue.

Artists of the metal aging process prefer not to share information about the sculpture aging techniques hence we cannot explain the whole process of aging in detail.

Siddhi Laxmi Mantra

The Siddha Laxmi Mantra is Om Shrim Shrim Hrim Hsauh Aim Klim Sauh Siddhalaksmyai Namah


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