Kalachakra Shakti Thangka Painting

Kalachakra Shakti Thangka Painting


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Kalachakra, the Wheel of Time, is the principal deity of the secret mantra of the New Translation School. Practicing this tantra, innumerable learned and accomplished individuals of both India and Tibet attained the highest siddhis, through the achievement of confident certainty in the outer, inner and other wheels of time as they apply through samsara and nirvana, inner wisdom is revealed, leading to enlightenment within the great bliss body of illusion


Kalachakra (Tibetan: Pal Du Kyi Kor Lo) a non-dual Tantra retrieved from the hidden kingdom of Shambala. Semi – wrathful in appearance, blue in color, he has four faces, twenty – four hands and two legs. The main face is blue, right red left white and the back face is yellow. Each has three eyes and an open mouth with slightly bared fangs. The first pair of hands hold a vajra and bell crossed at the heart embracing the consort. The remaining right hands hold a sword, curved knife, trident, three arrows, a vajra hook, damaru drum, hammer, wheel, spear, club, an ax. The left hands hold a shield, Katvanga staff, skull cup, bow, lasso, jewel, lotus, conch shell, mirror, vajra chains and the four-faced yellow head of Brahma.

Kalachakra and enlightenment aspect of Buddha ship, which embodies the highest insights of all six elements: the zodiac signs as well as the planets of our solar system (including the moon – nodes Rahu and Ketu). This astrology related Buddha – aspect (divided into the ‘inner’, secret Kalachakra and the ‘outer’ Kalachakra of more exoteric interpretation) is seen as the highest Tibetan tantra deity with the most subtle accompanying teachings. The Lord wears a long scarf and a tiger skin as a lower garment. The consort, Vishvamata, is yellow, with four faces and eight hands. They are both adorned with crowns, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and various ornaments. The right leg of the Lord is straight, standing atop the figure of Kamadeva. The left is bent, standing atop Rudra. Above the layered discs of a white moon, red sun and dark blue Rahu (eclipse) they stand on a multi-colored lotus blossom seat wreathed by the circular orange rays of pristine awareness fire.


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