Large Copper Bhumpa


Large Copper Bhumpa- Bhumba oxidized is hand-made with dimensions of 20 x 10cm. Bhumpa is also known as Ritual Vase.

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Large Copper Bhumpa is hand-made with dimensions of 22 x 13 cm. Bhumpa is also known as Ritual Vase.

The Bhumpa or Ritual Vase is a significant ceremonial artifact used to store holy water blessed by the Guru. Holy water is sprinkled or spilled to purify people, places, or items to dispel negativity and ward off bad spirits.

Gurus employ Bhumpas in a variety of ceremonies, ranging from extensive purification rituals for new residences, monuments, and sacred locations to simple blessings for followers intended to purify and protect them from dangerous energies. Practitioners can also employ Bhumpas to create water offerings in which case the water is considered pure nectar.

Weight 550 Grams
Size 22 x 13cm
Material Copper


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Weight 0,55 kg
Dimensions 13 × 22 cm


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