Moon Buddhist bowl - chakra healing
Moon Buddhist bowl - chakra healing
Moon Buddhist bowl - chakra healing
Moon Buddhist bowl - chakra healing
Moon Buddhist bowl - chakra healing
Moon Buddhist bowl - chakra healing
Moon Buddhist bowl - chakra healing

Moon Buddhist bowl – chakra healing


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This singing bowl is crafted from seven pieces of bronze and has a diameter of 10 cm (4 inches) and a height of 6 cm (2 inches). It weights 0.334 kg (0.74 lbs).

Weight 334 Grams – 0.74 lbs
Size 10*6 cm (4*2 inch)
Material Seven Metal Bronze

Accessories and Sound Check

If you would like to confirm the sound of the bowls in the package, please reach out to us for a sound test.

Full moon singing bowls

Handcrafted full moon singing bowls from the Himalayas are used for meditation and sound therapy. Each month, these special bowls are made during a full moon evening in order to capture its energy, which is thought to bring about healing when they are played. Careful consideration is taken when choosing the bowls to make sure they offer the most beneficial healing properties.

The advantages of playing full moon singing bowls includes improved coordination between the left and right sides of the brain, decreased stress and anxiety, and a harmonizing effect on the body’s energy, enhancing creativity and focus.

Hand Beaten Moon Bowl Making Process

The art of making a bronze singing bowl is a long-standing practice that involves multiple steps. It begins with the combination of copper and tin to form a metal alloy. This is then melted and poured into a mold, which is then hammered and shaped by an experienced craftsman to achieve the desired sound and tone. Afterward, the bowl is polished and may be carved or etched with symbols or designs that are meaningful in Buddhism or Hinduism.

The utilization of hand-crafted bronze singing bowls for healing, meditation, and chakra balancing is based on the concept that sound can have a powerful effect on the body and mind. When played, these bowls generate a deep, melodious tone which is said to energize the chakras and restore equilibrium to the body’s energy centers. It is thought that the sounds emitted by the singing bowl can assist in calming the mind, reducing tension, and inducing relaxation, making them a beneficial instrument in meditation and mindfulness practices.

It is believed that the sound waves generated by the singing bowl can be beneficial for physical and mental health, as they help to reduce stress, improve blood flow, and induce relaxation. Therefore, using handmade bronze singing bowls can be a great way to improve one’s spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

7 Metals and their respective planetary associations

  1. Gold – Sun
  2. Silver – Moon
  3. Copper – Venus
  4. Iron – Mars
  5. Tin – Jupiter
  6. Mercury/Quicksilver – Mercury
  7. Lead (Saturn)

The seven metals used to craft singing bowls each possess a deep connection to alchemy.



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