Vajrasattva Thangka

Vajrasattva Thangka


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Vajrasattva Thangka is handpainted on cotton canvas using vegetable pigment color in Bhaktapur Nepal. Vajrasattva is a meditational deity and mantra is the best-known of the purification practices in Tibetan Buddhism.

Vajrasattva is the God who helps sentient beings from their conflicting emotions. Bajrasattwa mantra is regarded to purify karma, bring peace and cause enlightened activity.

The Bajrashattwa purification practice applies by four opponent power-

  • The power of regret
  • The power of reliance
  • The power of Antidote
  • The power of a promise

Through this purification method it creates positive energy and removes negativity from our mind. It’s not Buddha purifying us but this purification practice is by ourselves.

Bajrashattwa is believed to be born from seed syllable Hum and is generally invoked for removal of obscuration of conflicting emotion. He is said to be sixth Dhyani Buddha by Nepali Buddhist but not represented in stupa along with other Dhyani Buddha.

Bajrasattwa is depicted in meditative pose carrying Vajra in his right hand with palm upwards against the chest and bell in the left hand resting upon the left thigh. He wears rich dress, precious ornaments, and crown.


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