Vajrayogini Thangka Painting

Vajrayogini Thangka Painting


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Vajrayogini is the principal female deity of the Chakrasamvara Cycle of Tantras who is here depicted by the khatvanga pole that balances on her left shoulder.

Hereby Vajrayogini shows that they are always together, never separated. In her left hand, she holds the kapala, a half skull filled with blood, where she drinks from.

With her feet, she tramples upon Kalarati (the red figure) and Bhairava (the blue figure). They represent the delusions of attachment, hatred, and ignorance that Vajrayogini’s wisdom has overcome.

Vajrayogini looks upwards to the Pure Dakini Land to demonstrate that she’s got the power to guide serious practitioners directly to this celestial world where all beings are free from suffering.

There are many different forms of the deity with each having a unique name and appearance.

Some names are descriptive such as Krodha Kali meaning ‘black wrathful’ yogini and others refer to the lineage or principal Indian mahasiddha associated with a particular Yogini practice.

The most common forms found in the art are the Naropa (Naro Khacho) form, Vajravarahi (with the pig face at the side), Vajrayogini in a dancing posture, Krodha Kali (the black form) and Dechen Gyalmo (of the Longchen Nyingtig).

Other names refer to the Indian or Tibetan lineage associated with a particular Yogini form and practice. The terms ‘dakini’ and ‘vajra dakini’ are often used with reference to Vajrayogini.


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