White Tara Thangka - Goddess of long life
White Tara Thangka - Goddess of long life

White Tara Thangka – Goddess of long life

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White Tara is peaceful deity sitting in vajra posture above a moon disc and lotus seat she is surrounded by a nimbus of various coloured rings and with pink lotus blossoms.

This Thangka is handpainted by the Nepali Thangka Artist from Bhaktapur, Nepal.

White tara’s body is made of light. Transparent, it appears and yet is intangible, like a rainbow, mirage, or illusion.

In this way, her body represents the compatibility of the two truths conventional and ultimate. On the conventional level, she appears and exists.

White Tara conventionally appears, like an illusion, but ultimately cannot be found and is empty of an inherent essence.

She is the goddess of Increase Life and Wisdom. It is believed that White Tara is associated with Avalokitesvara, the god of compassion, and considered his female counterpart.

In Sanskrit White Tara is known as Sita Tara simply means white and pure.

Mantra of White Tara

Om Tare  Tu Tare Ture Mamaayuh Punya Janan Pustim Kuru Svaha

The image shows the Mantra of White Tara written in Tibetan.

Praise of White Tara by Gyawa Gendyn Drub, First Dalai Lama

The knowledge, compassion and perfect actions of all Buddhas Appear in the form of the beautiful goddess I take refuge in you and offer you my prayers; Pray eliminate all my obstacles and fulfill all my aims.

In brief, from now until enlightenment I respectfully make offering at your lotus feet. I need seek no other refuge Out of compassion gaze upon me and quickly grant protection.

By the meritorious energy of this practice May the transcended, perfect Tara Look upon me forever with pleasure And never leave me, even for a moment.





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