Kurukulla Yogini Sketch
Kurukulla Yogini Sketch
Kurukulla Yogini Sketch
Kurukulla Yogini Sketch

Kurukulla Yogini Sketch


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Kurukulla Yogini Sketch has features of Kurukulla yogini in the center of the mandala with skull and fire ring, and ornamental flower in the corners.

Kurukulla is a highly venerated figure in Vajrayana Buddhism, renowned for her beauty, magnetism and strength. She is often depicted with four arms, carrying a bow and arrow, and is sometimes referred to as the “Goddess of Love and Beauty”.

Kurukulla is also seen as a defender of the Dharma and is invoked to counter those who oppose the Buddhist faith. Additionally, she is linked to the element of fire and is sometimes portrayed with a red hue. Furthermore, Kurukulla is known to be an influential source of spiritual energy and enlightenment.

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