Samantabhadra Mandala Sketch
Samantabhadra Mandala Sketch
Samantabhadra Mandala Sketch
Samantabhadra Mandala Sketch

Samantabhadra Mandala Sketch


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The Samantabhadra Mandala features Adhibuddha Samantabhadra at the center, surrounded by intricate patterns of knots and ornamental designs.

Samantabhadra is venerated in Nyingma and Kagyu schools of tantric Buddhism not only as a bodhisattva, but also as an adibuddha.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead describes him as a Buddha who appears to the deceased during their journey through the bardo to liberate them from their karmic ties and remind them of their origin and ultimate destination.

Samantabhadra is the original Buddha associated with compassion and is known as a guardian of the sutra. He is the source of all and the scope of reality.

He has control over both activity and stillness in their entirety. He is usually depicted as blue and nude, embracing his white partner Samantrabhhadri.

They are seen as an emanation of Adibuddha, the eternal possibility of Buddhahood that has always been and will always remain.

Samanta is a word that signifies “universal extension,” while Bhadra means “great virtue.” The combination of these two words, samantabhadra, implies Universal Virtue and Universal Worthy.

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