Bodhisattva Mandala Sketch
Bodhisattva Mandala Sketch
Bodhisattva Mandala Sketch
Bodhisattva Mandala Sketch

Bodhisattva Mandala Sketch


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Bodhisattva Mandala Sketch has bodhisattva in the center of the mandala with lotus and ornamental rings around and flowers in the corner.

Bodhisattvas are often depicted in Buddhist art as having a peaceful and compassionate demeanor. They are often shown with a halo around their head, symbolizing their divine nature.

Bodhisattvas are sometimes depicted with multiple arms and hands, representing their ability to help many people at once. They are often shown with a lotus flower, which symbolizes purity and enlightenment.

Bodhisattvas are often shown with a begging bowl or a staff, representing their renunciation of material possessions.

They are often depicted with a third eye, representing their spiritual insight. The color gold is often associated with bodhisattvas, representing their divine nature.

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