Tibetan carpet with Snow Lion and border

Tibetan carpet with Snow Lion and border


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Tibetan carpet with Snow Lion and the Border is 6*3 foot and 10 kg. It is hand weaved by using beautiful Tibetan design which includes snow lion and beautiful borders.

According to the Tibetan mythology, the snow lion comes from the East, namely from China. This animal represents the dualism of secular and spiritual power.

The symbol of the snow lion as a fortunate symbol can be found on all kinds of Tibetan arts including the carpet.

Since the 19th century, the snow lion is the national symbol of Tibetans and the animal emblem on the flag of Tibet.

The snow lion stands for fearlessness and a cheerful mind. It is not an animal that exists in real nature, although some people see the resemblance with the Tibetan Mastiff.

There are several steps involved in Tibetan carpet making process. Carpet weaving is traditional occupation of Himalayan people which started many years ago.

Learn more about Traditional Tibetan carpet making process in our blog post.


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