Tibetan Rug with flowers
Tibetan Rug with flowers
Tibetan Rug with flowers

Tibetan Rug with flowers


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Tibetan Rug with flowers is hand-made in Nepal. This carpet is traditionally hand-knotted by highly skilled carpet weavers.

Woven with 60 knots per square inch. The size of this carpet on foot is 91*182cm and the weight is 5 kg approximately.

There are several steps involved in the carpet-making process. Carpet weaving is a traditional occupation of Himalayan people that started many years ago.

How to Take Care of your Carpet?

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner helps to suck out stuck soils and dirt and does not harm the fiber of the rug
  2. Use scissors to cut the ends of the loose threads of the rug.
  3. Do not use chemicals, it will fade the colors of the rug.
  4. Avoid using rugs in a damp area.
  5. Do not expose too much directly to the sun.
  6. Do not dry clean.
  7. Always prefer to wash the carpet from a professional rug cleaning company.



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