Vajradhara Thangka Painting

Vajradhara Thangka Painting


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Vajradhara Thangka Painting is hand-painted by a thangka artist in Nepal. Vajradhara is also known as primordial Buddha.

Vajradhara is one of two primeval Buddhas associated with the Trikaya Doctrine. The Sanskrit stem Tri means three & the word Kaya means body in the sense of form.

Samantabhadra & Vajradhara, Bodhisattvas & mankind all exist within the primary dimension called Nirmanakaya because they have been conceived by the human mind and so in part manifests within time and space.

Vajradhara also exists in the second dimension of emptiness realized through the understanding of the emptiness of all phenomena called Dharmakaya. Dharmakaya means Truth Body or Reality Body.



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