The Plum Village tradition's feedback practice
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The Plum Village tradition’s feedback practice

In the “Shining Light” episode of the TWOII podcast, hosts Joe Conino and Brother Fabu delve into the Plum Village tradition’s feedback practice, contrasting it with conventional 360-feedback models.

They emphasize the collective nature of Shining Light, where the entire monastic community gathers annually to offer positive acknowledgment, reflection, and constructive suggestions.

The practice fosters humility, honesty, and , cultivating intimacy and acceptance within the community.

Reflecting on the concept of interbeing, they stress the interconnectedness and equal importance of each individual’s role.

They also highlight ongoing learning, personal growth, and the significance of deep listening and loving speech in nurturing a healthy community.

Throughout the episode, personal anecdotes illustrate the transformative power of Shining Light, encouraging listeners to embrace imperfection, cultivate gratitude, and foster genuine connections within their own communities.


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