About Viśeṣastava

The Viśeṣa-stava is a stotra by the author Udbhaṭa-sidhi-svāmin and has pride of place as the text that opens the bstan ‘gyur. Originally written in , the hymns was extensively propagated and most people of the country recited these as songs. It was written to demonstrate the superiority of over . It is now only known from its Tibetan translation. At the of its translation into Tibetan wrote a commentary on it which immediately follows it in the Bstan ‘gyur.

An 11th-century Buddhist Pancaraksa manuscript.

Buddhist texts – The words of the Buddha

Buddhist texts can be categorized in a number of ways. The Western terms "scripture" and "canonical" are applied to Buddhism in inconsistent ways by Western scholars: for example, one authority refers to "scriptures and other canonical texts", while another says that scriptures can be categorized into canonical, commentarial, and pseudo-canonical. Buddhist traditions have generally divided these texts with their own categories and divisions, such as that between buddhavacana "word of the Buddha," many of .