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      Here is the process of returning an item:

      Contact our team within seven days of receiving the product giving a call at +977 9810298783 or filling up the form at our website with clear information about details on return.

      Mandala paintings will be returned to the monks of the temple from where they are brought.

      Depending upon the arrival type the return policies are different.

      If the mandala arrived at you via UPS (United Parcel Service), you will be provided with a UPS Return Service label from our team.

      If it is via a freight carrier or blanket-wrap service, we will contact the carrier and let you know how much time will they take to retrieve the mandala.

      Note: You are responsible for the cost of return shipping.

      The painting to be returned should be repacked in the original form. The product cannot be damaged due to the packaging error in return, in that case, you will be responsible.

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