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      Perfection of wisdom has knowledge of all dharmas. It’s referring mostly to the spiritual aspect; but it also includes world.

      Prajna or wisdom, has many aspects…. it means one is safe..

      Aspect of it means that one is safe in any place, all circumstance..

      Other perfections are Effort, Discipline, Patience, Insight and Generosity.

      Patience is a very good one; if one meets someone who has patience (Ksanti) perfected… it’s a great blessing..

      Effort is an important perfection… This is like, one does not remove the effort for enlightenment; nor for metta for living beings…

      One can continue this way… This is the normal way to be…

      Perfection of effort — one will take the right path, and there is no lethargy…

      This is also helped by discipline.

      This is also helpful to awakening….

      Generosity is a good perfection; this is both material gifts, Loving-kindness and also knowledge.

      When one has Wisdom completely, one can give knowledge and enlghten.

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