13 cm Offering Mandala
13 cm Offering Mandala
13 cm Offering Mandala
13 cm Offering Mandala

13 cm Offering Mandala


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13 cm Offering Mandala is handmade in Nepal with 13 x 14 x 14 cm dimensions. copper is used to make this mandala.

Weight 440 Grams
Size 13 x 14 x 14 cm
Material Copper

Mandala offerings and the 6 perfections offering the mandala contains the practice of all six perfections.

By cleaning and blessing the mandala base With liquid mixed With a bajung pill you practice the perfection of giving (water symbolizes prosperity).

Checking the grain1 for insects and looking after the base, keeping it clean, leads to the perfection of moral conduct. Removing insects from the grain Without harming them leads to the perfection of patience. Thinking of how fortunate you are to be able to practice Dharma and making the offering With joy, you cultivate joyous effort.

By not forgetting the visualization, you attain concentration. By clearly visualizing the colors and objects in the mandala, and by meditating on its emptiness, wisdom is attained.

Therefore offering mandalas helps you to quickly complete the two accumulations of the merits of method and wisdom as it contains all six perfections.

This practice pacifies all hindrances to your temporal and ultimate happiness. These depend on merit and merit depends on offerings. The most meritorious object to offer is the mandala.

Therefore if you wish to achieve temporal and ultimate happiness, the best thing you can do is to offer many mandalas. Lama Tsongkhapa offered a million eight hundred thousand mandalas and achieved all the realizations of the stages and paths.

If you wish to gain realizations you should offer mandalas to your guru every day as his jewel-like body can bestow the sphere of great bliss in an instant.

All realizations depend on your guru. Offering mandalas to him/her is like offering gifts to a king before requesting a favor of him.


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