The Ratnasambhava Mantra Banner

The Ratnasambhava Mantra Banner

is the yellow of the southern quarter. His name means “jewel born”. His emblem is the Ratna jewel, symbolizing the , the highest value of the . The is Ratnasambhava tram..

Who is Ratnasambhava?

Ratnasambhava is one of and or ’s (or “Five Buddhas”).

Ratnasambhava Mantra

The mantra of Ratnasambhava is om Ratnasambhava tram.

Siddham Mantra of Ratnasambhava

Siddham Mantra of Ratnasambhava

Tibetan Uchen Mantra of Ratnasambhava

Uchen Mantra of Ratnasambhava


om ra tna Sam bha va tram

om Ratnasambhava tram

What is the meaning of Ratnasambhava Mantra?

Ratnasambhava are used to cultivate equanimity and equality and are related to the quest to eradicate and pride in Vajrayana Buddhist doctrine. Mamaki is his consort, and he rides a horse or a pair of lions.  can transform his greed and pride into of sameness. 

What are the benefits of the Ratnasambhava Mantra?

Ratnasambhava mantra transforms your into a never-ending source of .

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