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Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayur Pune Gyana Puntin Kuru Swoha

is the supreme mother and collective manifestation of all the activity, as well as the female of compassionate activity. She is claimed to be able to see all of and respond to pleas for assistance. Her yogic practice enhances wellness and helps people live longer lives. The is Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayur Pune Gyana Puntin Kuru Swoha.

Who is White ?

Tara is another name for White Tara. Sita simply means white or pure in and is also a name for the planet Venus. White Tara is associated with long life.

White Tara Mantra

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayur Pune Gyana Puntin Kuru Swoha

Siddham Mantra of White Tara

Siddham Mantra of White Tara

Tibetan Uchen Mantra of White Tara

Uchen Mantra of White Tara


om ta re tu tta
re tu re ma ma
a yuh pu nya
na pu stim ku ru
sva ha

What is the meaning of ?

The mantra is Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayur Pune Gyana Puntin Kuru Swoha.

  • Om – While others argue that Om has no literal meaning, it can also refer to a sense of awareness of one’s surroundings. Many begin with this phrase.
  • Tare – This is a symbol of deliverance from hardship and various types of everyday hazards. Tara is frequently presented as a healer who can help victims of accidents, crimes, and calamities.
  • Tuttare – Tuttare is symbolic of being led down the correct spiritual path and the necessity to be protected from spiritual perils. The three basic spiritual evils that cause pain in all of us are delusion, , and .
  • Ture – This is representative of the deliverance to the true spiritual path of a bodhisattva. With this syllable, Tara is said to liberate us from the suffering we are inflicted with while helping us to progress along the path that will allow us to have for others.
  • Mama means “mine” and is indicative of the to possess the qualities of , , long life, and more. These qualities can be asked for someone else, or for the person reciting the mantra.
  • Mama – Mama means “my,” and it denotes a desire to possess qualities such as intelligence, happiness, , and so on. These traits might be requested of another person or the person who is chanting the mantra.
  • Ayuh – Ayuh Symbolized long life.
  • Punya – Punya is thought to represent the virtue that comes from leading an ethical life and to guide one to a happy and long life.
  • Jnana – Jnana is a symbol of wisdom, which is something that we all pursue.
  • Pushtim- Pushtim is a symbol of or a rise in riches.
  • Kuru – Kuru is said to be a mythical land located in the northern regions of the but can also be taken to mean “make it so.”
  • – Svaha is said to be representative of “allow the meaning of this mantra to take root in my .

What are the benefits of the White Tara Mantra?

White Tara Mantra is frequently invoked for good , , and long life. She provides healing for our wounds, whether they be physical or mental in nature. The White Tara mantra is frequently sung with a specific person in mind, pleading with Tara to provide them a long life and the compassion they require to overcome problems.

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