Ekajati Thangka Painting

Ekajati Thangka Painting


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Ekajati Thangka is handpainted in Kathmandu Nepal. She is generally considered one of the three principal protectors of the Nyingma school along with Rahula and Vajrasadhu.

Ekajati is the protector of secret mantras and “as the mother of the mothers of all the Buddhas” represents the ultimate unity. As such, her own mantra is also secret.

She is the most important protector of the Vajrayana teachings, especially the Inner Tantras and terms.

As the protector of mantra, she supports the practitioner in deciphering symbolic dakini codes and properly determines appropriate times and circumstances for revealing tantric teachings.

Because she completely realizes the texts and mantras under her care, she reminds the practitioner of their preciousness and secrecy.

Dusum Khyenpa, 1st Karmapa Lama meditated upon her in early childhood.


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