Guru Rinpoche - Second Buddha
Guru Rinpoche - Second Buddha
Guru Rinpoche - Second Buddha
Guru Rinpoche - Second Buddha

Guru Rinpoche – Second Buddha

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Padmasambhava “Lotus-Born” also known as the Second Buddha, was a sage guru from Oddiyana, northwestern Classical India. Padmasambhava is said to have transmitted Vajrayana Buddhism to Tibet, Bhutan and neighboring countries in the 8th century AD. In those lands, he is better known as Guru Rinpoche or Lopon Rinpoche.

A fine hand painted thangka of Guru Rinpoche with his eight manifestations. Guru Rinpoche or Padmasambhava appears in different forms according to the needs of sentient beings and he manifested these forms during different periods of his life. Outwardly he may appear differently, however, they are all the enlightened display of Guru Rinpoche.

Eight Manifestations include: Guru Tsokyé Dorje Guru Shakya Sengé Guru Nyima Özer Guru Padmasambhava Guru Loden Choksé Guru Pema Gyalpo Guru Sengé Dradrok Guru Dorje Drolö

Mantra of Padmasambhava

The mantra of  Padmasambhava is Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum.

Meaning of the Mantra
  • Om is the perfect splendor and richness of sambhogakaya
  • Ah is the total unchanging perfection of dharmakaya, the manifest body of absolute reality
  • Hung perfects the presence of Guru Padmasambhava as the nirmanakaya, the manifest body of emanation
  • Vajra perfects all the Heruka deities of the mandalas
  • Guru refers to the root and transmission gurus and the holders of intrinsic awareness
  • The Padma perfects the assembly of dakas and dakinis
  • Siddhi is the life force of all the wealth deities and the guardians of the treasure teachings
  • Hung is the life force of the Dharmapala, the protective deities


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