Report on the excavations at Pataliputra

Report on the excavations at Pataliputra

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This fascinating text contains a Report on excavations that took place at the site that was once the great Indian city of Pataliputr, written by the famous explorer, L. A Waddell. ‘Palibothra’ was a city famous in eastern legend and of great historic importance.

Although it wasn’t the oldest of cities in India, it was the seat of the most powerful dynasties and the first fixed landmark in Indian chronology, holding secrets that may answer important questions as to the influence of the West upon the early civilization of ancient India.

Chapters contained within this report are: Historical Introduction, Search for the Lost Site, Discovery of the Lost Site, Excavations, and Summary of results. Lieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell was a British explorer, Professor of Chemistry and Pathology, British army surgeon, amateur archaeologist, and author.


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